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People in photos – Flickr’s new function

Do you remember what you felt every time you realised your friend had tagged a picture of you on Facebook? And do you remember how you felt when you couldn’t do anything about it? Luckily Facebook later added a bit of new functionality, which meant you could untag yourself.

And luckily Flickr has learned from Facebook’s initial cock-up. Its newest function is called “People in photos” and – much like its Facebook equivalent – allows you to tag someone by typing their name or drawing a box around their face and adding their name.

Luckily, the fact that you’ve done it will display in their Recent Activity stream, so they’ll be able to remove yourself from the photo. What’s more, once you remove yourself from an image, only you will be able to tag yourself in that image again. Nice touch.

Obviously, you can now set your preferences and define who, if anyone, can tag you.

Flickr has also updated the layout of your profile page, which now also features all the images, in which you’ve been tagged. There are also your favourites from other people’s photostreams.

Privately I will not be using the new tagging function at all – I’ve never used it on Facebook either. But if you’re using Flickr to share your entire social life (and many of us do), this will come useful.

Until, that is, someone tags that super-uncool picture of you from last year’s work’s Christmas do.

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