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Quick tip: how to log in to the (new) Flickr app for iPhone

Something incredible happened last night. Flickr surprised everyone by upgrading its iPhone app. Not *just* updating – upgrading. Revamping. Relaunching as something completely new – and in fact, usable. Yay. That’s when – and if – you can log in. If, like me, you were forcibly logged out during the update, you were asked to log in using either your existing Yahoo! credentials, Facebook or Google.

Sadly, despite numerous attempts the message was always the same for me:


I requested a new password, but I was ignored.

Well, not just me:

@michald Same here. Asked for password reminder but never got email including log in details. That’s me never using Flickr again. — James Seddon (@jamesseddon) December 12, 2012

Frustrating, unnecessary. But there seems to be an easy – if completely baffling – “workaround”.

When you get the above message, ignore the main screen, but instead go to the next screen with captcha.


Type in your email and password – plus the captcha bit – and if you’re as lucky as I was, you’ll be logged in and redirected to your welcome screen.

No idea why you need to do it this way, and sadly, neither the Flickr blog nor the Flickr dev blog offer any clues.

But the app is actually quite cool and seems to define the direction in which Flickr is likely to go now. An overview of the new features is here.

If the complete overhaul of the app is a sign of things to come, Flickr may still rise from the ashes. Hope it’s not too late.

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