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Saved by the phone. Again.

Typical. You schlep a bag full of gear hoping to take a couple of decent shots and the world conspires against you. (It doesn’t, in fact, it’s all in your mind.)

Then one day you walk to work early in the morning, bleary-eyed and in need of a really strong coffee, when you spot a fantastic photo opportunity. That heavy bag would come in handy but, sadly, it’s having a day off…

If you need yet another proof that a decent camera phone (I’m ignoring its obvious technical limitations here) is as good as many entry-level DSLRs, here it is.

I took the above picture with my iPhone on the way to work yesterday. The only thing that bugged me was the fluff on my lens, which I cleaned with my fingers (try that with a standard DSLR lens). But other than that I was quite happy with the outcome.

As I was rushing, I only took two pics and posted one of them, the better one, on Flickr.

“Wow, gorgeous! Which app?”, asked my friend, a photo editor for a well-known magazine, when she saw the picture. None. No tweaking. No Hipstamatic or Camera Bag. Just as it came out. OK, a pure coincidence, but hey, that’s how many pictures we like are taken.

Londonist chose the image for one of its posts, and some of my Twitter followers and friends seemed to be impressed too. Which always feels fantastic.

Another proof, as if one was needed, that it’s not about – or at least it shouldn’t be about – the gear. In some circumstances at least. But I’m not telling you anything new, you knew that already, right?

What’s probably more interesting about the picture is the bike. As someone pointed out in comments on Flickr, the same bike was there a couple of days earlier.

Part of the installation or a coincidence? Answers on a postcard…

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