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Why Flickr’s Explore is ‘unfair’ and other links

  1. Ever wanted to be featured on Flickr’s explore page, but didn’t know how others get there? Photopreneur has an interesting post explaining how Flickr’s algorithm selects images for the Explore page. Worth a read, even if you hate Flickr or don’t give a damn about reaching a wider audience.

  2. Abelardo Morell’s fascinating camera obscura technique, which fills darkened rooms with amazing landscapes. National Geographic put together a gallery of his best images and posted a video explaining the technique.

  3. Wartime photographers:  the New York Times executive editor, Bill Keller talks to war photographers Joao Silva and Greg Marinovich. Both were wounded while on assignments as war photographers, both saw their colleagues die. The transcript is called “The inner lives of wartime photographers” and is essential reading for everyone, not just photographers.

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